by Daken

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released October 31, 2013

Written & Recorded by D. Virago
© DMH 2013



all rights reserved


Daken London, UK

Daken is the rock/metal project by multi-instrumentalist Dave Virago.
Virago breeds Daken with a devouring appetite for creating music ..dark, brutal and atmospheric music.
With 'Apocalypse Of The Decemvir', 'Zero' and 'Fool For Suffering' already cast out onto the world and a breathtaking live performance at Download Festival 2012, Virago takes Daken to new heights with the immense EP 'Earthling'
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Track Name: The Other Side
Will I meet you on the
Other side
Will I live past this
Great divide

You sailed me through your low
And held me in your high

Did we embrace those lessons
Did we lose our grip
Did we ever find the meaning
Did we let it all slip (away)

You sailed me through your low
You held me in your high
You've got to let me go
I'll see you on the other side
The other side
Track Name: Weapons
Replicate, take apart, reload
Steady breath, sharp eyes, heart slowed
Stand up, to the hell, aim low
Detonate, depth charge, implode
Represent with those innocent eyes
How do you sleep at night
With such violence in mind

This is the way that we fight with weapons
Is this the way that we fight for possession

Search inside to see what's within
Is it you who is detonating
Do you deny these acts of aggression
Why don’t you make it your full time profession

Why do you use me as a weapon for hatred
When all I am is the one you created
A weapon
A weapon
To crush the enemy

This ride has taken too long
Hot tears, have bled so far from
This skin is worn out and numb
From knives, bullets and guns
We. Don't. Want. Another War for nothing
We don't . Want it . NO
We don't . Need it . NO

Why do you use me as a weapon for hatred
When all I am is the one you created
A weapon
A weapon
Why do we use our descendant's for hatred
When all they are are the ones we created
A weapon, a weapon
To crush the enemy
Track Name: Circle
Heaven and it's doors are now closed
You're not welcome anymore
Disappear or you will never see
The one you love, the one that you need

Find some middle ground
Chains not be unwound
The splintered shards stuck deep in your memory
The price of love is the price of equality

And now I feel it rising
Rising up and out of me
I feel denials broken me free
Free from your circle

Reflections distort realty
Carving scars from brutality
All arbitrary oppositions are void
The one you loved is the one that you destroyed

With such hostility
Find civility
Take what you wanted I don’t care if it bleeds through
I’ve broken free, free from your circle

Chaos reigning
Softly spoken
Choices were made
To be broken

And now I feel it rising
Rising up and out of me
I feel denials broken me free
Free from your circle
Track Name: Nothing To Say
All my thoughts keep falling
Through my hands
Catalogue those memories
Into the sand

Can't ignore this any longer
What doesn't kill only makes me stronger
Now I feel it

Listening to repeating voices
Guiding me
Shallow minds digging shallow graves
This much I see

Redesigned all of my intentions
Obeying you is like a violation
I believe in my desire
I'm rising up - higher and higher

Why did you kill my dreams today
When you're the one who is
Running Away

Why did you say those words that way
When you're the one with
Nothing to say

You got nothing to say

Come true in the paradox avenue
Facing fear of the fear of failing you

Hate breeds fate

You got nothing to say
You keep running away
Track Name: Deathroll
Ain’t gonna wait in line
Only to be pushed
To the back of the queue
See there’s a hunger in my belly
And the devil on my shoulder he keeps
Looking at you
Oh the bottom is so cold I gotta find a way to
Step out of this rain
I push away from the rest
Just to single you out then I
Strike again

I just want you in my life
You’re the heart and I’m the knife

Instinct has lead me this far
I’m battle torn and I’ve won three scars
I’ve got nothing to die for
Now that you’ve washed up on my shore
All the blood on my tongue and the flood of the young makes
My heart pound
You’re in my grip with the water in your lungs
And we’re homeward bound

Now that you’re in my sight
You’re the day and I’m the night

I wanna take you for a ride
I wanna break you from the inside
I want a piece of your soul
I wanna take you on my deathroll